She could recreate any supermodel walk, iconic runway moment or fashion show in public. Her catwalk is definitely an eyecatcher. She brings high fashion energy into the city streets with her 2010's Model vibes. And you can recognize her immediately - she's extremely tall, with long blond hair, wearing extra high heels, black Smokey eyes and huge sunglasses.

Walking like a supermodel around the Internet: the new social media icon Britney Manson.

The internet sensation, runway queen Britney Manson went viral and gained a big audience for a short time. Her first video "walking till I get noticed by a model agency" gained 40M on tiktok and insane comment activity. Estonian born, she already worked for the big brands like Valentino, Etro and has debuted in Berlin and Milan fashion week AW24 season. Britney is a proud trans woman, she represents trans people with all her passion, talking about trans*rights in her social media. She started her transition in middle school, and this fact made her childhood a hardest time in her life. She has to be bullied, beaten, but this experience made her stronger. Got her first runway experience at 12yo, she always knew who she wants to become.


Also Britney makes music - her debut track "MODE-L" was written about the dark side of the fashion industry, inspired by her own experience and dedicated to one of her childhood icons, trans*model Andreja Pejic.


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